At Georgia Sports Chiropractic, we combine many state-of-the-art services and techniques centered on sports chiropractic care to enhance your peak performance and recovery. Special emphasis is placed on allowing you to continue your training program while the injury is healing. Our sport specialties include, but not limited to: TENNIS, GOLFERS, SOCCER, RUNNERS, TRIATHLETES, CROSSFIT, YOUTH and more. Read more on our services.

Official Affiliations

At Georgia Sports Chiropractic, we value all athletes from youth sports to Olympic medalists. Below are some of the sports programs we are affiliated with.

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“Georgia Sports Chiropractic was such a huge part of my success. Every week, I would beat my body up, and they would put me back together somehow for another week of training. They are such great people.  I love them and value their friendship.”

SCOTT RIGSBY | First Amputee to complete Ironman World Championships