Testimonials from Olympic and Professional athletes


Olympic Silver Medalist

I have worked with Ga. Sports Chiropractic since 2004. I trust them completely to help fix any injuries and to get me ready to run at my best. When I’m going for the gold, I know they will make sure I’m ready.


Olympic Gold Medalist

I have worked with Ga. Sports Chiropractic throughout my entire professional career, beginning in 1998. They have always been there to help with injuries and keep me performing at my peak. Dr. Glass was with me in Beijing, helping me win my second 400 meter hurdles gold medal. He’s the best at what he does.


NCAA All-American

Dr. Glass was a teammate at UGA, and later became the doctor that kept me going in my track career. He understands the injuries and problems that occur in runners, and can help fix most problems.


David Krummenacker
NCAA National Champion

Dr. Glass has been a great resource to me during all my years of professional running. I’ve been under his care since 2001 and his chiropractic expertise has been vital to my career and my success.


Olympic Trials Qualifier

Dr. Glass has always been a big help during my athletic career. Whether it was specific care for an injury or helpful stretching advice, he always knows just what will benefit me the most. Dr. Glass has a deep understanding of runners and their individual needs.


NCAA All-American

Dr. Josh Glass is an invaluable resource to both myself as a coach and to the athletes that I work with. Whether it is helping an individual to return to full training as soon as possible, analyzing biomechanical aspects, providing informative consultation for an accurate diagnosis or offering a preventative approach to proper stretching and recovery, Dr. Glass’ input is golden.


Former World Record Holder

What I like about Josh is that he is confident enough in his ability as a healer that he is not wedded to any one philosophy regarding healing. He’s into doing what works. Had a sore knee for about a year. My massage therapist, whom I trust implicitly, recommended Josh. He inspected it, adjusted it, gave me some exercises and told me to ice it. For the first time in months, my mileage is on the upswing again.


NCAA All-American

Dr. Josh Glass is a key part of my running success. It is through his thorough care and expertise that I managed to remain injury free. it is nice to have a professional who have such a keen understanding of runners. Because he truly understands the nature and background of athletes, he was able to keep me healthy so that I could go about achieving my ultimate goals.


Olympic Gold Medalist

Dr. Glass is the best. He’ll be with me every step of the way as I work towards gold the rest of my career.


First Amputee to complete Ironman Championships

Ga. Sports Chiropractic was such a huge part of my success. Every week, I would beat my body up, and they would put me back together somehow for another week of training. They are such a great people. I love them and value our friendship.


US Record Holder

When I’m going for an american record or the gold medal, I want Dr. Glass treating me to make sure I’m at my best. He always helped me achieve top results and stay injury free.


Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier

Ga Sports Chiropractic does a great job of getting me ready for a race, but even more important he keeps me healthy and increases my recovery rate so I can work in more hard days. When I misjudge things and end up hurt, Dr. Glass is always one of the key people who helps me put together a training and treatment plan to work through the injury.